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A purebred hypoallergenic horse breeder !


The American Bashkir Curly horse is: 

- Hypoallergenic: For those allergic to horses, the American Bashkir Curly horse il the solution!

- Versatile: Curlies can do it all. You can find them in every equine discipline.

- A great family horse: Sweet enough for a child, strong enough for a man!

- Rare: Only over 4000 purebred American Bashkir Curly are actuatly registered in the world.

- Curly: They can be curly, velvet or strait.

- Unique: Everyone can attest, Curlies have different behavior and love being with people.

- Rustic: Well adapted to living outside and on rough land.



Exceptionnal horses by dedicated breeders

Haras Synergie is a breeding farm certified by the American Bashkir Curly Registry (ABCR). All of our horse are purebred and fully registered.


Our team is made of a certified equine technician and instructor, recognized by Equine Canada and FEQ. 


Our goal is to preserve and improve the American Bashkir Curly Breed in its entirety. Our vision reflect a holistic approach to feed the specific needs of the horse. By promoting their well being, Haras Synergie create balanced horses ready for a long lasting relationship.


Discover our American Bashkir Curly horses!


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